Hello, my name is Rev. King Prosper.  I am the pastor of Universal Christian Faith Ministries in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

I want to personally invite you to join us this Sunday.  We would be excited to meet you and happy to serve you.  Our hope is that you can come to realize the gift that is available to you from God.  No matter what you have done, no matter where you have been, no matter where you are…you can start fresh.  God is in the business of turning  Zeroes to Heroes!  Let us help you discover how!

Pastor Valeria Koto-Asem is the pastor of U.C.F.M U.K. Assembly.  She is a mother of four children, a counselor, and by nature very kind hearted.  She believes that life is filled with challenges and opportunities and that God wants us to face adversity equipped to win.

God wants us to turn our stumbling blocks into stepping stones, our testing into testimony, and our mess into messages.